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About Six String Shooters

Two rockers, one goal

SIX STRING SHOOTERS is what happens when two rockers from either side of the Atlantic decide to join Marshalls & shoot from the hip on their favorite covers.

 BB COOPER (Switzerland) brings almost 10 years of stage mayhem, blood & fishnets with D’ANGLERZ, shocking P!NK Band, BACK:N:BLACK (All Girls Tribute to AC/DC), Hell’s Belles, Lost Purity. Raw, loud & unashamed, BB was selected to play in the prestigious 2009 Night of the Guitars. Her latest television appearance was on "5 Gegen 5" in October 2010. "The money shot comes when people rock, straight up."

 RANDY DANGLER (California, USA) has decades of songwriting, singing & guitar work with hard rockers D’ANGLERZ, shocking P!NK Band, & many projects in the USA & Europe. Lead singer, lead string ripper & unrepentant believer in Rock N Roll, Randy can be seen with Persian pop star Ames in her Navid Akhavan-directed top 10 hit "Badbiar". His hoary stadium rocker "Still Breathing" appeared on BBC. "Good music comes from your guts, not your head."

Six String Shooters uses the following:

Robin Guitars Duesenberg Guitars Martin Guitars Gibson Guitars Marsall Amplification Line 6 Amplification