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(Guns N’ Roses)


Shed a tear 'cuz I'm missing you -- I'm still alright to smile
Girl, I think about you every day now
Was a time when I wasn't sure -- but you set my mind at ease
There is no doubt you're in my heart now

Said woman take it slow, It'll work itself out fine -- All we need is just a little patience
Said sugar make it slow, and we'll come together fine -- All we need is just a little patience
Ooh, oh, yeah

Sit here on the stairs -- 'cuz I'd rather be alone
If I can't have you right now, I'll wait dear
Sometimes, I get so tense -- but I can't speed up the time
But you know, love, there's one more thing to consider

Said woman take it slow, Things will be just fine -- You and I'll just use a little patience
Said sugar take the time, 'cuz the lights are shining bright -- You and I've got what it takes to make it
We won't fake it, Oh never break it 'Cuz I can't take it

Little patience, mm yeah, ooh yeah...Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah... Some more patience, yeah

I've been walking these streets at night -- Just trying to get it right (Need some patience, yeah)
It's hard to see with so many around -- You know I don't like being stuck in the crowd (Could use some patience, yeah)
And the streets don't change but maybe the name -- I ain't got time for the game
'Cuz I need you (Patience, yeah) -- Yeah, yeah, well I need you
Oh, I need you (Take some patience) -- Whoa, I need you (Just a little patience is all we need)
Ooh, this time