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(Faith No More)

[Tune up 1 step if desired]
[G]You know it sounds [Bm] funny, But I just can't [Am] stand the pain [D]
[G]Girl I'm [Bm] leavin' you tomor[Am]row [Bm]  [D D D D D]
[G]Seems to [Bm] me, girl, you know I've done [Am] all I can  [D]
[G]You see, I [Bm]  beg, stole and I [Am] borrowed, yeah ...  [D]

It's why I'm [G] easy [Bm] [Am]  [D7]
I'm easy like Sunday [G] morning    [Bm] [Am]  [D7]
It's why I'm [G] easaaay [Bm] [Am]  [D7] 
Easy like Sunday [F] mooo [C] ooo [D] oor [G] ning

I wanna be [F] high, [C] so [Dm] high
I wanna be [F] free to know the things I [C] do are [Dm] right
I [C] wanna be [F] free...[C] Just [Dm] me... SOLO []
[Bb]    [F]     [Bb]    [C]...Oh babe

SOLO [verse structure]